Region 6 Faculty
Meet the Regional and International faculty of Northern Lights Region 6, who have a variety of coaching, teaching and education expertise to offer you.


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Anne Stickler (Region 6 Faculty)

 "Dance Like Nobody's Watching"

1.  Vocal development
2.  PVI’s  (Personal or Private Voice Instruction)
3.  Choreography
4.  Expression
5.  Chorus and Quartet Coaching



Becky Perkins (Region 6 Faculty)

"In singing, it's not how many breaths you take, but how many moments take your breath away."

1. Visual Presentation

2. Choreography

3. Coaching - Quartets and Small Choruses

4. Energy

Becky Perkins





Bonnie Rust (Region 6 Faculty & Librarian)

 Life is a song, Love is the music!

1.  Organization
2.  Administration
3.  Communication

4. Leadership

Bonnie Rust



Cheryl Helm (Region 6 Faculty)

 "Life is a journey, choose your path wisely."

2. Goal Setting
3. Communication
4. Organization

Cheryl Helm-2014-2



Connie Miller (Region 6 Faculty)

Life is more joyful, given a song. Its music binds us together with invisible threads!

1.  Vocal production
2.  General packaging
3.  Showmanship – emotional sell
4.  Chorus Coaching
5.  Quartet Coaching
6.  Motivation and excitement!

Connie Miller Faculty



Diane Lockard (Region 6 Faculty)

“Sing!  It creates harmony for your mental and physical health.”

1. Vocal Production
2. PVI's (Personal or Private Voice Instruction)
3. Section Unity and Techniques
4. Visual Packaging
5. Chorus Warm-ups






Euretta Sorenson  (Region 6 Faculty)

 Life is not waiting for the storm to pass, it's learning to dance in the rain

1. Administration
2. Communication
3. Goal Setting

4. Leadership

Retta Sorenson-2016


Heather Johnston  (Region 6 Faculty and Education Coordinator)

Alone we can do so little; Together we can do so much. – Helen Keller

1. Vocal Production
2. PVI's
3. Chorus and Quartet Coaching


Heather Johnston


Judy Olson  (Region 6 Faculty)

When Words Fail, Music Speaks
Hans Christian Anderson

1.  Performance Techniques – Visuals and how they can support sound
2.  Expression - The Musical Plan
3.  Show craft - Technical Stuff
4.  Director as performer
5.  Sing your part smart
6.  Four on the floor – quartet stage craft

Judy Olson High Res for Print-1




Judy Weipert (Region 6 Faculty)

"Harmony from the inside out!"

1.  Vocal Production
2.  Chorus warm-ups
3.  Basic phrasing / interpretation
4.  Basic showmanship

Judy Weipert Faculty



Mary Dick (Region 6 Faculty Specialist and International Faculty Emeritis)

(Note: Contact personally to discuss coaching fee)

1.  Vocal production / PVI’s
2.  Chorus and Quartet coaching
3.  Directing techniques
4.  Section Leader Training
5.  Riser Placement
6.  Interpretation
7.  Taking the chorus/quartet to the next level

8 Judging Categories: Sound and Expression


Mary Dick - 2015



Mary Lou Kudela (Region 6 Faculty)

"Be there!"  

1.  Leadership, motivation, membership retention
2.  Strategic planning – goal setting
3.  Education – planning – scripting – delivering workshops, etc.    (Will prepare material at request)
4.  Board / Team training
5.  PVI’s and chorus warm-ups

6. Counseling and problem solving






Mary Jo Zgonc (Region 6 Faculty)

"Music refreshes the soul."

1.  Vocal production, PVI's
2.  Pitch and balance of sound
3.  Musical Interpretation and musical line, phrasing
4.  Basic Showmanship
5.  Chorus and Quartet coaching



Pat Haertel (Region 6 Faculty)

“Happiness is when what you say, think and do are in harmony!”

1.  Coaching-Quartet and small chorus
2.  PVI's/Section Unity
3.  Showmanship/Costuming/Makeup
4.  Marketing/PR/Communications
5.  Administration

Pat Haertel -2015



Sandy Bergersen (Region 6 Faculty)

Celebrate and sing for JOY!!”

1. Vocal Production

2. Chorus and Quartet coaching

3. Riser Placement
4.  Phrasing / Interpretation / Sound
5.  Energized Performance Skills

6. Vocal Warm-ups


Sheila Koplitz (Region 6 Faculty and Director Coordinator)

1. Vocal / Chorus warmups

2. PVI's Sectional Unity

3. Coaching Quartets and Small Choruses
4. Directing Techniques
5. Assistant Director's Purpose


Shiela Koplitz



Sherrie Bredesen (Region 6 Faculty)

1. Vocal production

2. Balance and blend

3. Performance

4. Script writing

5. Emcee work.

Sherrie Bredesen-2015



Susan Krisnik (Region 6 Faculty)

1. Choreography
2. Visual Performance
3. Physical Warm-ups
4. Focus & Energy
5. Show packages and scripting
Susan Krisnik Faculty



Terri Calvert (Region 6 “Associate” Faculty)

“Music connects us all and provides endless opportunities for growth and learning. Join in the song.”

1. Administrative / Leadership

2. Small Chorus Coaching

3. Strategic planning

4. Marketing and PR

5. Script Writing / Emcee Skills

6. PVI’s

Terri Calvert-w






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