Woman of Note Award

Each chorus of Region 6 recognizes and celebrates with the region one of their own members who has made a significant or noteworthy contribution to her chorus within the past year, someone who embodies the spirit of Sweet Adelines and displays dedication to her chorus.

2019 Winners


Diane Zielonko



Diane has been a member of our Chapter for 6-1/2 years during this time has revamped the chapter’s website twice. Many hours have gone into this undertaking and the website serves all chorus members.

Diane is always ready to help out on committees (costume, warm-ups, search) and her positive spirit uplifts everyone. Diane is involved in quartets and always knows the repertoire which is also helpful to everyone.

Diane is instrumental in encouraging people to attend regional and International events often taking on the responsibility for registration, transportation and accommodations. When possible, Diane attends the summer barbershop program offered by the International Music Camp.

Any chapter would benefit from having someone like Diane in its ranks. Diane’s efforts have been rewarded by the Chapter for the Woman of Note Award she always shows commitment to the chapter and we are very fortunate to have Diane in our Chapter.


Rebecca Strueland

City of Lakes


The City of Lakes Chorus recognizes REBECCA STUELAND as our 2019 “Woman of Note”.  She has dedicated a significant amount of time and energy to City of Lakes as President, tenor section leader and most recently co-chair for the 2018 holiday show.  Rebecca brings unbridled enthusiasm and energy to each role along with common sense, tact, and fairness. Her decisions are thoughtful and she gets things done. She is reliable, trustworthy, committed and kind. Rebecca has formed great relationships to members and leadership and her positive outlook and cheerful manner have brought many joys to the chorus. City of Lakes Chorus is happy and proud to have her represent us in the region this year as our Woman of Note in recognition of her achievements.


Vicki Powers

Fox Valley


Vicki goes above and beyond in chairing fundraisers and getting new fund raisers.  She is willing to help wherever needed.  She is also Lead section leader.  Vicki handles all Script orders for the chorus all year.  Has been a "Foxy Lady" for many years.


 Pat Spears

Lake Country


Pat Spears has been chosen for the Lake Country Chorus 2019 Woman of Note for the following reasons:
First of all, she is a woman of great heart, wisdom, and character. She has worked tirelessly for the good of our Chorus for many years. She has been the Treasurer of the Chorus for the past 12 years and has agreed to continue for 2019. Her intelligence and attention to detail have kept our chorus in financial good health year after year, and we don’t know how we could financially survive without her. The work she does is exacting and time-consuming, and yet, she continues to accept the responsibility. She also is a member of the Board of Directors and a member of the Christmas Concert Committee. She is one of those people you can count on to get things done, do them on time and do them right.


Diane Berge


Minnesota Valley





Instrumental in organizing the Girl Scout music badge program

Active member who is willing to serve .. 2018 show script, Mgmt Team

Nine year chorus member (9/2010)

Energetic  pitch pipe blower & choreographer



Baritone - need we say more???

Easy to talk to & work with

Retired from Minn State Univ - Mankato (Int'l Student Affairs)

Green thumb - ask her about her flowers & garden and contests (yes! she's won)

Elephant lover (and loves her cats, Rascal & Claire)


Mona Thorson

Red Cedar Sounds


Mona Thorson is a lively and dynamic member of Red Cedar Sounds Chorus  Organizing our fall show is one of the many things she tackles which involves securing the location, designing or finding props and coordinating all members and crew.   She is a member with regular attendance which helps when you are a small chorus.  Mona spends many hours working to contribute toward the goals of our chorus and is a beloved sister in song.


Pat Frolich

River Rhapsody


Pat Frolich has been selected as the recipient of the 2019 “Woman of Note” for River Rhapsody Chorus. Pat has served on the board several times and in many capacities. She willing accepted the role as Publicity Chairman and works very hard to get the chorus name publicised on the radio, TV and newspaper. She also sets it up for us to sing on the radio or be interviewed on television. Pat has done a lot of networking for us through Facebook and Meet Up. Pat is also on the Choreography Team.
Pat is organizing a fundraiser through our local grocery store where the chorus saves their grocery receipts. When we have reached a certain amount, Pat will turn the receipts in for a dollar amount to be used by the chorus. Whenever risers need to be moved, Pat is one of the first to volunteer her time and pickup. Pat is a true leader in our chorus.


Donna Humme

Sound Cascade


Donna Humme is the Woman of Note nominee from the Sound Cascade Chorus for 2019.  Donna has been a member of our chorus, region, and Sweet Adelines International since 1990. Donna is currently a member of our board of directors and serves as our secretary.  She has served in many leadership roles, led installation ceremonies, actively organized guest nights and monthly socials, and recruited new members for our chorus.  She also has served on many committees during our show planning activities.  Donna's positive and caring attitude makes her a valuable asset to our chorus.  If you have ever traveled with Donna, you will know that she is great at organizing road-trip games as well as supplying prizes for winners of those games.  We appreciate  Donna for her quiet, gentle style of leadership and her beautiful (lead) singing voice.  Thank you Donna for all that you do for our chorus.


Carol Morgan

Sounds of Superior 


  Sounds of Superior Chorus has selected Carol Morgan to be our 2019 Woman of Note.  Carol has been a member of our chorus since 1980.  Carol is our by-laws and standing rules chair, and keeps us all informed with the weekly Beat Sheet newsletter.  She is presently working on a grant to enhance our coaching opportunities and is working with a quartet; all the while moving to a different singing part herself and learning new music.  She mentors new people to step up and be involved in all aspects of the chorus as well.  Carol is a great promoter of our chorus managing our website and initiating creative ways to advertise our chorus.  She always gives of her time and talents. She is our go-to person if we want to know something that has been done in the past.  If she sees something that needs to be done, she is on it!



Dianne Franker

Spirit of Harmony

 The Spirit of Harmony Chorus is pleased to recognize Dianne Franker as our Woman of Note Award recipient.  Dianne is a faithful charter member of our chorus since 1980 and still going strong.  She is a very talented positive and cheerful member that rubs off on other members.  Her contributions include member of our Music Team, doing interesting vocal warm-ups and can step in to help at a moment notice. She has recently added blowing the pitch pipe.  Her musical ability and amazing skill at playing the piano are an asset to our chorus. She has a great baritone voice and a fine-tuned ear that knows when chords are going flat. She is always willing to help other members of her section even though she is not the section leader.  Her positive attitude and caring nature are an asset and inspiration.  We want to thank Dianne for her dedication to our chorus. 


Merrilee Spaeth


Twin Cities Show



The Twin Cities Show Chorus (TCSC) is proud to have many women who truly exemplify a Woman of Note. This year TCSC would like to recognize Merrilee Spaeth as our Woman of Note.

It’s hard to focus on just the past year when it comes to Merrilee. Merrilee has been a member of TCSC since 1984 and has held many positions and offices through the years.

Merrilee has been on the costume team for MANY years and has diligently researched costumes, sized chorus members, ran to fabric stores to get fabric, glitz, etc. to make us look good. This year she has focused her talents on finding just the right outfit for this coming Regional Competition. It has not been an easy venture. She ordered samples from several vendors, tried them on numerous members for look & fit, returned them and searched for better clothing all while trying to save the chorus members the expense of having them specially made. Merrilee bought out several fabric stores of their embellishments and ran to others to buy out their stock. Now that’s tenacious.

Merrilee also takes ALL the notes from our coaching sessions. She serves on the Costume & Music teams, is a “go-to” person for new members regarding costumes, writes or reviews many of our articles for the Regional Measures or other publications and is a member of our front row.
Merrilee has put together a Regional Contest handbook every year since 2007 for every member which includes all our chorus “MUST KNOW” information including: makeup, costumes, rehearsal times and locations, where we’ll be dining together, logistics and maps of the area, etc.

The above is just a small example of all that Merrilee has done for our chorus and we are PROUD to honor her as our 2019 Woman of Note.

Thank you for all you do Merrilee. We all love you.


Shirley Kieffer

Twin Forks


Twin Forks Chorus from Grand Forks, ND, would like to recognize Shirley Kieffer as a Woman of Note!  Shirley has been a member of Sweet Adeline’s for 20 years.  Shirley has served as Finance Coordinator for 13 years, Show Chair for 10 years and Competition Coordinator for 17 years!  Shirley is a kind and compassionate woman who is always eager to serve and is a wonderful example of the Sweet Adeline spirit!  Twin Forks Chorus is proud to recognize her as our Woman of Note!!



Kim Grossmann 

Vallee de Croix



The Vallee de Croix Chorus is proud to recognize Kim Grossmann as our 2019 Woman of Note.  Kim has taken on many roles this past year with Vallee de Croix.  As President of our chorus, she has also taken on the responsibilities of many performances, such as our "Harmony in the Valley" and Fall Show.  She is very involved with behind the scenes issues, creating a new marketing brochure, obtaining financial donations, and promoting Vallee de Croix throughout our communities in Minnesota and her home state of Wisconsin.  Kim understands our future lies with our youth and continues to be very involved in Youth and Harmony.  She is connecting Girl Scouts to our craft and has taken it upon herself to kick-start the region in a Girl Scouts Harmony day.   Kim is 100% enthusiastic and promotes not only Vallee de Croix but also Sweet Adeline’s International.    We are very excited to have Kim as our 2019 Woman of Note.



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