Regional Management Team

 Contact information is available in the Members Only section in the Regional Directory.


Jerralynne Tjeerdsma

Finance Coordinator (regional appointment)

  • Prepares and submits to the regional management team the annual budget for the region
  • Manages bank accounts and investments and keeps accurate and current records of all financial transactions
  • Receives all funds paid to the region and issues all payments
  • Holds the sole authority to sign contracts on behalf of the region
  • Participates in long-range financial planning
  • Coordinates ways and means (non-dues income) projects
  • Reports about the region's financial condition at meetings of the regional management team and prepares an annual financial statement for the Director of Administrative Services at headquarters
  • Submits accounting records for audit at the close of the fiscal year to a qualified person or persons selected by the management team, or for examination or audit at any time as directed by the management team
  • Provides advice and training to chorus treasurers and serves as financial consultant to choruses with financial questions
  • Provides financial information necessary to complete applications for corporate gifts and grants
  • Negotiates contracts for services and equipment
  •  Member Regional Assessment Fees are sent to the Financial Coordinator on the anniversary date for each member.  The Annual Regional fee is $60.00 for regular members, $30 for YWIH members (age 25 and under) and $65.00 for CAL members and is to be mailed to the Financial Coordinator.  Her address is available in the Members Only Section in the Regional Directory.



Shannon Cook

Marketing Coordinator (regional appointment)

  •  Develops, uses and teaches communications skills and tools that identify, establish, and maintain relationships among the region, its chapters and target public.
  • Develops curricula and tools in public relations/marketing and trains targeted publics at the regional and chorus levels
  • Serves as the primary media contact for the region
  • Instills within the members of her region an awareness of their relationship to the organization, to the region, and to other choruses
  • Plans and implements programs in the areas of membership growth and retention
  • Provides marketing and public relations support for regional events, products and programs




Megan Argall

Directors’ Coordinator (elected by the regional frontline directors)

  • Represents the interests of the regional directors on the Regional Management Team
  • Communicates with directors in her region to assess their needs
  • Communicates directors' needs and the needs of their chapters to the Team Coordinator and Education Coordinator
  • Provides and facilitates a forum for directors at regional events
  • Maintains contact with appropriate staff members at international headquarters




Lori Scott

Communications Coordinator (regional appointment)

  • Maintains the communications link between the international organization and the region
  • Prepares correspondence for the regional management team
  • Oversees production and distribution of regional publications such as the Regional Measures and the annual membership directories
  • Oversees printing and duplicating services
  • Maintains communication links with appropriate individuals within the region
  • Develops staff to assist in implementing responsibilities such as:
- Regional photographer
- Regional newsletters
- Regional website



Susan Krisnik

Education Coordinator (international appointment)

  • Develops, coordinates, and monitors education programs
  • Plans curriculum for educational events such as seminars, workshops, etc.
  • Coordinates education needs for quartets and choruses
  • Coordinates regional faculty visits to choruses
  • Develops a plan, in conjunction with Marketing/Membership Coordinator, for maintaining the integrity of the musical product and administrative processes of chapters in revitalization
  • Approves chapters and prospective chapters for public performance
  • Approves chapter-at-large quartets for public performance
  • Develops a faculty or staff to assist in implementing programs such as:

    - Faculty training
    - Director Certification
    - Young Women in Harmony
    - Arranger training
    - Quartet training

Susan Krisnik_Faculty



Ruby Ericson

Membership Coordinator (elected by the regional membership)

  • Represents the interests of chapter membership via contact with Chapter Membership Chairs and individual chorus members
  • Is the link to all Team Coordinators/Presidents in the Region
  • Provides and facilitates a forum for Chapter Membership Chairs at regional events
  • Provides tools to chapters for membership growth and retention
  • Coordinates planning with Marketing Coordinator for membership drives
  • Organizes and facilitates the application process and presentation of the Community Activity Award to winner during regional contest weekend
  • Provides membership recognition at regional events through displays, signage, awards, etc
  • Helps new chapters through the Chartering Process
  • Develops staff and trains future Chapter CoordinatorVisits chartered chapters to promote membership growth and retention programs
  • Guides prospective chapters through the Steps program
  • Develops a plan, in coordination with the Education Coordinator, to teach chapters in revitalization ways to attract new members and retain existing ones
  • Maintains contact with chapter-at-large members to ensure their inclusion in regional events, products and programs

 Ruby at_Regional_with_VdC



Terri Calvert

Team Coordinator (regional appointment)

  • Facilitates the meetings of the management team
  • Coordinates the agenda for management team meetings with input from team members
  • Reviews and approves all chapter standing rules
  • Reviews regional standing rules and job descriptions, and makes recommendations to the team for necessary revisions; submits revisions to regional standing rules to the Director of Corporate Services for approval
  • Monitors implementation of the region's long-range plan
  • Maintains the regional calendar
  • Develops a support staff to assist in implementing responsibilities such as:

    - Chapter standing rules review
    - Regional calendar and Date Clearance Form

Terri Calvert-w



Lyla Larson

Events Coordinator (regional appointment)

  • Coordinates the physical aspects of all regional meetings and events, including regional competitions
  • Inspects facilities to determine if they are suitable for regional events
  • Negotiates site contracts for regional events
  • Serves as or oversees the work of the chair of the regional convention
  • Oversees registration for all regional events
  • Develops appropriate forms and mailings regarding regional events
  • Develops a staff to assist in implementing responsibilities such as:

    -Site inspections
    -On site management for meetings
    -Mailings and registration



Regional Management Team Handbook

Regional Management Team Job Descriptions

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Regional Management Team Application Form

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